Time is running out, get working!

As I ponder the revelation 12 sign in the sky, that will be visible on September 23, all I can think of is that we have our work cut out for us.

As someone who is saved by the grace of the almighty, I can feel nothing but sadness due to the overwhelming adversity. We walk through this corrupt world daily and see people deciding to be content with death. I feel pain and sorrow because most of my friends and the people that I know are not saved.

I try to imagine how God feels and it’s something unimaginable. He loves people more then anyone and wants people to be safe in his arms, yet people spit in his face daily. I am amazed by his patience with us and I can’t understand why he loves us so.

I wonder how much longer He will wait? When will it be enough?

As Christian’s, I believe it is our time to step up and do the job that we are here for. There are so many who are lost and so many who do not know about the free gift of salvation.

What are we going to do about it?




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