How to respond to persecution

In every age and in every part of life there will be those that will be against the teachings of Christ. As we look in our world today, we will see this at an extreme level. As time, has moved on, more and more people have come to love themselves so much that they blind themselves to their own actions.

Every day one of our brothers and sisters will be attacked, murdered, slandered, and so forth. We all know that there is a time coming when this current level that we see today, will feel like a blessing. The level of persecution will surpass the holocaust by the thousandth percent.

With this in our minds we can start to ask ourselves how will we react to this? What should we do? Should we fight back?

These questions will come up and honestly the answer that God will give us is not the one we want to hear. But I believe He gave us His answer. What are we required to do to our enemies?

As we look in scripture God will tell us to love our enemies and pray for those that persecute us. He says to live by the golden rule, to treat others as we would want to be treated. I firmly believe He meant this and wanted us to embrace this way of life. If we examine what it truly means to be a Christian, we come to see that we must carry our cross daily.

With this command of Christ in mind, then the answer to the question of how should we react with increased persecution? Is quite simple but hard, as the opposition rises and the pressure is applied, it is our mandate to increase the love that we have for those that are against us. As they hate more, we must love more! As they attack more we must pray more!

No one ever said this life would be easy, in fact Christ basically told us it would be extremely difficult. So, I challenge you brothers and sisters, in this time of testing, prevail by loving more then you know how!




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