What is success?

Every school I go to I always get asked what my goals are and what defines success. You hear all the other students talking about their dream jobs, and how much money they want to make, and I sit there thinking why do you define your success based on how much money you make?

This made me start thinking what does it mean to be successful? Is it a job? Position? Power? Money? I guess in this world it makes sense to think of those things as something to strive for. It seems that as humans, we define success based on what is good and convenient for us. But what if instead of looking at our possessions and how much power we have obtained, we instead look at our purpose in this universe.

If we look at how our world is setup, then basically the point of life that is taught is to grow up, go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, then eventually die. If that’s all there is then honestly our lives mean nothing. There has got to be more to life than watching time go by and doing things to keep us entertained until we eventually die.

If we accept this way of life, then we are accepting a hopeless and empty life. However, this does not have to be all there is, we were all created for a purpose and a reason. Our existence was not just some random coincidence; it was an act of the Almighty. There is no way that our complicated and intricate bodies were put together randomly out of nowhere, for no reason.

The fact that we exist is a miracle we were given these lives for a purpose. So, when next time you are asked what your goals are and what defines success to you, just remember that your existence is an act of God and every breath is a gift.

As for me I’ve thought hard and long about these questions. I’ve strayed off the path that I needed to be in so many times I can’t even count. However, my goal in life is to hear these six words spoken by the creator of the universe. “Well done, good and faithful servant”.



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