Will you grasp His hand?

In this world that we live in today, it is so easy to get lost in the shuffle. There are so many things going on in each of our lives, that it feels like we can never stop moving. We have become stuck in this daily grind with no seemingly way out. It can feel like we are an animal stuck in a cage trying so hard to get out. The constant pressures of this life have caused us to stop leading our lives and instead have us reacting to what life throws at us.

With the way that our lives are it can be easy to forget why we are here. The important questions of life seem to get pushed aside for entertainment and other nonessential issues. We then tend to forget that we are not truly alone on this earth. When we walk through our busy day, it can be so easy to just focus on the task at hand and forget the fact that we have someone right beside us.

I have struggled with this in my life. I have been so busy that it seems I am always behind on something. With working two jobs while in college ,maintaining my blog, and my side business, it feels like I’m running on a treadmill that never stops. Sometimes I forget that God is there watching and walking right beside me.

I let the constant struggles of this life get in the way of me experiencing the peace that God gives. Sometimes we need to be reminded that we need to hit that stop button on this treadmill and just take a breath. When we can finally breathe, then we can realize that God is right there giving us that breath.

I was reminded in these last few weeks of how fortunate I am. These hurricanes and earthquakes that have been hitting our country recently, have shown me a few things. I believe that all of us were reminded that God is here with us when these disasters struck.

Even though they are terrible disasters and they cause a huge amount of damage, they also made us hit that stop button and reevaluate the state of our lives. Unfortunately, since we are stubborn and thickheaded, it takes something big to get our attention.

Sometimes we need to remember that God exists in our lives. Our lives are not always what we want them to be. It’s not always going to be fun and games. Sometimes there will be strife and conflict. Sometimes there will be death and destruction. Even through any situation, we always seem to be reminded that God is there.

It makes me wonder if these disasters that happen in each of our own personal lives are put their intentionally. I know for myself at least, that if I didn’t go through all the crap that I went through in my life, then I know for sure I never would have given my life to Christ. If everything is perfect and nothing is wrong, then honestly there is no need for God at all. However, when something happens that is above what we can handle, then we need God in our lives.

The fact of the matter is that whether we want to admit it or not, God is there. He is there when everything is good and He is most definitely there when everything is bad. The problem is that we tend to forget or ignore Him. When that happens God usually does something that shakes up our own little world, to turn us back to Him.

If we try to do everything on our own power, then we will end up either screwing up at some point, or be so overwhelmed that we break down. However, if we acknowledge to ourselves that we can’t do everything on our own, then it becomes so much easier to rely on the power that God provides. When a Christian acknowledges, and asks God daily for that power, it is granted. We need to realize that every moment we are walking hand in hand with our Creator, with our Father who loves us and chose to die for us.

There is so many issues in this world and it is too much for little old us to handle on our own. We need to go back to the source of power and embrace it. Allow God to show us daily that He can handle everything and that He is all we need. Even when we are swamped, even when we are down, and even when we are joyful. We need to be willing to grasp His hand and walk side by side with Him. If we don’t we will end up in that constant trap that we call this crazy life.

Are you willing to grasp His hand?




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