What is the Gospel?

As we all know this world is not perfect. We can see this through other people’s actions on the news, and within our own little bubble of people that we know. It makes me wonder what it would be like if this world was perfect? Have you ever wondered what a perfect would look like? What if there was no stress, death, conflict, and everything was nice and peaceful. How would that look to us?

We all have grown up in this lost and broken world and that is all we have ever experienced. We never had the chance to see what perfection looks like. I wanted to see if I could picture it myself in my head, and I have had a lot of trouble. I think it is hard to picture and imagine, because all we are accustomed to is strife, stress, and death. We see it and encounter it daily, that it has become the norm.

I guess the only way that we can get a small glimpse of perfection is to study what it was like before everything starting going downhill. So, I started looking in Genesis to see if I could try to wrap my mind around what a perfect world would look like. The way I look at it is if we can picture what Eden was like, then maybe we could try to get a little understanding of what Heaven would be like?

Well after reading Genesis 2 and 3, I picked up on a few things. The first thing that I learned is that all the animals that we have today, plus more, were all named and were all together. It seems there was no such thing as a carnivore back in Eden. There was only plants and fruit to eat, which meant that lions, tigers and other carnivores that we know today, only ate fruit and plants. Also, Adam and Eve were responsible to oversee the garden as we see in Genesis 3:15. It is interesting to know that in the perfect world that God created, humans are required to work.

One thing that is sometimes debated but I wanted to mention anyway, from the passage it seems that animals could talk. In Genesis 3:1-5, we see the conversation between Eve and the serpent. In the beginning of the conversation, we see the serpent starting the conversation, yet it does not seem like Eve is surprised that a snake is talking to her. We don’t see her flinching or being scared like we would be if we heard an animal talk, but instead she has a conversation with it, just like if she was talking to you or me.

The last thing that I picked up on was that God literally walked in the garden with Adam and Eve. We see this in Genesis 3:8. I have wondered if this was the Father or the Son walking and communicating with Adam and Eve, but I must wait to find out.

So, with all this information I believe there are some things that we can formulate about what Heaven will be like. It seems since there were animals in Eden, then there will be animals in Heaven. We at least know for sure there will be horses, because of Revelation 19: 11-14. Will our animals and pets that we have today, be there with us? I am not 100% sure about this, but I have a hunch that they might be. We know that there will be no death in Heaven as those that are in Heaven have been granted eternal life. We also will be able to physically walk and talk with God at any moment.

So, after seeing a little bit about what it was like in a perfect world, the obvious question is, what happened?

Well after looking we will see the same pattern that happened with Satan. We see Eve ignoring God and allowing pride and selfishness to cloud her judgment. She allows the serpent to talk her into disobeying God, with the argument that God is trying to keep all the goodies to Himself. The serpent convinced Eve to disown her allegiance with God. This is just like what Satan did when he got power hungry. He thought he knew better than God and was better than God. The same thing is happening here with the conversation with Eve.

She allowed those thoughts of empowerment to overcome the trust that she had in God. She decided that the serpent and herself knew better than God, so she decided to disobey. She ate the fruit, which was the only limitation that God put on her and Adam. However, it didn’t stop there, she didn’t want to be alone in this, so she convinced Adam of the same thing.

This caused a chain reaction with the world. An example of what happened, is that the first time that you break a rule is the hardest, but after that it gets easier. You can compare this to any type of addiction. The first time that you try a drug is the hardest, but after that first time it gets easier and becomes natural. This is what happened and what caused the complete falling away of this world.

They allowed their pride and selfishness to get the best of them, which enabled them to disobey and lose faith in God. This hindered their relationship with God. Once they sinned once, it became natural to sin again. This is the downfall of our pride and selfishness, which has allowed sin to spread like cancer. Once they sinned once, it was all over, there was no recovering from it.

That is why God had to plan to help redeem us from our own shortcomings. This is the reason that Jesus came to earth to die for our sins, to give us a way back to God. Without His sacrifice, we would be stranded with no way back home. So, God gave us the way to go home, by dying and suffering on a cross, then rising again. This is the gospel.

Since sin came into the world through Adam and we came through Adam’s seed, meaning we are all technically his offspring, then that means that sin was already inside every newborn baby. This caused the entire world to be born in sin, which meant that we could not be perfect, we could not walk with God, because God is perfect. Since we are imperfect, God had to do the perfect work to get us back in good standing with Him.

Therefore, all of us fall short, therefore none of us are good enough for Heaven. All of us were born in sin, and we will continue to be born in sin. However, since Jesus became the sacrifice for our sin, then we can still be justified by faith in Him. We can enter our home thanks to His sacrifice. We still have sin in our lives, we still are not perfect, we still are not good enough. However, He is good enough to cover all our sin, and that is why we get to enjoy paradise, once were done with this world.

Paul in Romans discusses this in great length. If you read romans 5, you will see how he explained how we are all responsible for our own sin. Even though sin came from Adam, we still must live with our own sin’s and our own consequences. We must take responsibility for our sins, and that is why it is crucial that we have faith in Christ. If we don’t we will never get to go back home, to live in that perfect world that we call Heaven.

One thing that I want to know, is that if I was in Adam and Eve’s shoes would I have done the same thing? What if Adam and Eve could go back and do it again, do you think they would fall into the same trap?

What would you do if you could go back to that moment? What would you tell Eve, before she talks to the serpent?



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