How we can fix our nation

Over the last few years our world seems like it’s been torn apart. Our nation has become clouded with doubt and fear. The hope that we once had for this once striving nation is evaporating before our eyes. We have become lost and disoriented.

We need to find our hope again. We need to find our strength. The question is how?

The first step is to recognize the problem. To do this we must ask ourselves, what has caused the hate and animosity in our country?

The influence that social and mass media has over our lives has become the driving force. They have allowed us to promote confusion and doubt. The constant fake news that keeps circulating has caused us to question everything. It has made it difficult to discern the truth from the lies. The people in our nation have become just like lost sheep. The question is how do we find our way back home?

It starts by filtering through the lies to find the truth. As we have learned with our current situation, we can’t do it on our own. Since we have taken things into our own hands, everything has gone downhill. We need to find something above us, someone with the power to show us the way. We need to find our shepherd that will lead us home.

As we have come to realize our government is not going to save us. I believe this has become clear over the years, regardless of who is president. It does not matter if we get a different president or if there are more democrats or republicans in the senate and house.

The only way to effectively start changing this nation is by finding and learning from the One who created it. It is vital that we cast aside our pride, selfishness, opinions, and instead focus on the One that granted us the opportunity to live in this country. The power of God is the only thing that will overcome the divide that we created. It is about time that we learn to embrace it. That same power that created the heavens and the earth, that separated the red sea, and conquered death, is alive today.

As we all our realizing in our world today, we can’t do this without God, without our shepherd. When we try to do it on our own, we always end up in these predicaments. This is precisely the reason God came down in the first place. It wasn’t to show off his power, but instead it was to show us the right way.

God came down as a mere mortal, so that he could walk side by side with us. It was imperative for him to feel our struggle personally. This way he could connect with us and show us how to live outside of corruption. His life was an example to the entire world on how we can live the right way, in harmony with one another. He showed us that we don’t have to be divided, we don’t have to keep arguing.

When he came down it changed everything, nothing would ever be the same. He shook the world with his actions. He set himself apart from the rest of the world. His arrival put to end the confusion that has plagued this world. The one and only God revealed himself on Calvary. All other beliefs and religions were disproven. The true God proved once and for all that his story is true.

This is what sets the God of the bible apart from the basis of all religions. Religion is all about how we can get to God. However, Christianity is about how God came down for us. It is the story of how God loved his creation so much, that he decided to come down and walk with us. The concept that Christianity is a religion is false. Christianity is the true story of God coming down to us, instead of us trying to get to him.

All other belief systems discredit the true character of God, when they teach that we need to make ourselves worthy to get to God. We were not created to earn our way back to heaven. There is no possible way any of us could win our way to heaven, it is not a competition and it is not a level system of works. The character of God shows us that heaven is open to everyone. The only thing what would need to do is simply believe and put our faith in the One who created us. It’s that simple. There is no catch.

So, instead of relying on politics and appearances, lets rely on the God that worked so hard to build a relationship with us. Let’s see what happens when we put him in control. If he can create everything in our universe in a week, then imagine what he can do if we give him control for a week in our lives?


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