Creationism vs. Evolution

When I first heard about God and the Bible I thought it was some made up fairy tail to scare kids to behave. I never took It seriously since everything we learned in school lined up with the assumption that God did not exist or was not important.

However, I was challenged by my mom to research it deeper because she was a Christian and I thought she was crazy. So, she told me to research evolution and creationism and report back with my findings. I loved challenges like this when I was younger, so that I could prove that I knew it all. This is how I started to realize I do not know as much as I think I do.


I started my research in creationism and evolution and I wanted to go into it with an open analytical mind. So, I started with the basics of evolution and it made a lot of sense to me of how things came to this point. I was convinced that that was the answer, however I couldn’t help but notice evolution only answered one part of the equation and not the whole figure. It answered the how we have what we have today, but it didn’t answer how it came to be in the first place.

If you took any biology class, then you would hear that there was a big bang that created everything that we have today. This is all fine and dandy, but it doesn’t clear up the whole picture. There were numerous questions that popped up, for example, if nothing existed how did a bang happen? What caused this bang if there was a void of nothing before the bang? If Newton’s law is accurate, that for every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, cause and effect. If the big bang is the effect, then what is the cause? This is where I kept getting stumped.  Nothing in science has a believable or rational answer to these questions.

This is when I stopped reading on evolution and looked up creationism. I learned the process of creationism that everything was made in steps and I noticed that God created vegetation before he created the sun. As we know from nature, sun is required for plants to grow. It cannot grow without plants and water, however, God knowing this intentionally grew plants before the sun. This made me think that God was creating the universe this way to show us that he didn’t need the sun to grow those plants. However, my scientific mind thought this was the error with creationism.


I couldn’t decide with just these basics, so I dug deeper on both topics. The theory of evolution states that this one cell formed over billions of years and eventually formed from animals to humans. This did not side right to me. A few objections and questions popped up to me, for example, how did this cell develop in the first place? We know from science that cells don’t just form randomly without any outside force directing the path. A human body for example, has trillions of cells, however for even one of those cells to form we need the right pieces in place. This process is called mitosis or cell division. Cell division is where a single cell splits into two daughter cells and ends up being made with the same genetic material and cytoplasm. Mitosis is when the cell clones it’s chromosomes and other organanelles, it then “pinches” it’s outer surface to separate the two new cells. new cells are produced in a process known as miosis.


So, from learning how a cell is formed, then we realize they don’t just form on their own, they came from other cells. So, it begs the question, where did this cell come from, if no cells existed? How did that cell form? Other questions that popped up was if it did form randomly from the big bang, then how did all the creatures come from it? What I mean by this question, is how did this cell for example morph into a fish then develop into a bear, then develop into a monkey and develop into a human? Do you see what I was getting here?

If this cell even did appear on its own it would only effect one organism and create one organism. It would not create other organisms and keep changing the molecular structure to develop other creatures. If it would, we would see this out in nature and even with us, we would constantly be mutating and changing, however our makeup has been the same and all animal’s makeup has not changed. I have not seen any animals evolving into anything else, ever since man has been around.

I wanted to consider creationism more as I kept having multiple questions with evolution. I learned about God creating everything in 7 days, and in the bible, it at least specifically named creatures that were made. It also explained the origins of humanity and gives a clear line of genealogy to follow. The line of Adam has been written and documented all throughout the bible and even throughout Jewish texts outside of the bible.


Even besides the genetic line that was explained it also applied to what I was seeing in our world today. The corruption, death, hatred, diseases, and constant decaying of our moral values, is evidence to the proof of sin that was unleashed, when Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Ever since that moment in time, the world has crumbled, the hatred of people has grown, the rapid spread of diseases has grown. This is where I started believing more into what I was reading about creationism.

However, I didn’t want to give in to my mother just yet, so I decided I would give it one more chance. If I can assume that evolution was true and the world did form from a random occurrence, and humans did evolve from a cell billions of years ago, then what do we have after. Well, just examining my own self, I realized my body is designed to work perfectly within itself. What I mean by this, is that everything in our bodies is put together so precise that any deviation and our body would not work at all. It seems are bodies are perfect for what we need in life. Every organ needs to work in a certain way or we cease to exist. This fact makes it hard to believe that our perfectly made bodies are just from a random coincidence.


This is where I started siding with creationism, as every time I dug deeper into evolution, I ended up with more questions and objections. A few of those were why are our bodies put together so perfectly if it came from a cell that randomly evolved with no outside force creating a perfect body? If evolution is true, then how come as time has been going by, humanity, and the world has been falling apart and degrading, instead of getting better? If nature law was correct the world would be nearing perfection, not degrading.

This is how I came to realize that if the only realistic alternative to God creating the world is this incomplete theory of evolution, then God must be real. This is how I remind myself every day that what the bible said is true. If the bible is true, then God is real, and sin is real. If sin is real, then that means I and the world need saving. If the world needs saving, then it needs a savior. The bible answers these and provides us with the detailed story of how we came to be and more importantly why we came to be.

The most important questions that we always end up asking always start with why? The reason this is this way, is because we naturally want to get a deeper understanding of our lives and we want to interpret the motives behind our actions and the actions of others. This is no different for trying to understand why we are here.

If you want to know why you are here and if you have a purpose in this world, then you must be able to ask that question, why?

Have you ever asked yourself why am I here and what is my purpose?